Dragon Age 1 1/2

The Dalish Curse

The players will likely go to the town

On their way to the Brecilian forest, Cherel and Hissra came across an abandoned farm strewn with the corpses of the human farmers. After fighting off a pack of blight wolves, they discovered an injured elf, Dalish by dint of her tattoos, cowering in the barn. After carrying her into the bloody farmhouse to tend to her wounds, the party was discovered by a group of humans from the nearby village of Vintiver.

Cherel and Hissra’s natural distrust of humans and the humans’ belief that the destruction was caused by the Dalish nearly brought the encounter to blows, but cooler heads prevailed and the party was escorted by the town lawman, Tarl Dale, to the village chantry where the injured Dalish woman could be more fully healed.

Once she regained consciousness, the strange elf introduced herself as Eshara. Her clan, she said, had been slaughtered or dragged off by the same monsters—beings she called “revengers”—that had killed the farmers. She had managed to escape from the ruined keep where the Dalish were imprisoned, but not before grabbing a mysterious broken chain link of heavy silver.

For whatever altruistic reason, Hissra and Cherel agreed to help Eshara free the Dalish still trapped in the keep. On the road, however, they were ambushed by a group of villagers, led by the hostile blacksmith, Coalan. Eshara proved capable of assisting in battle, and the villagers were frightened off or knocked out.

When the group arrived at the Dalish camp, they found it in ruins: the draft horses were slaughtered, the wagons overturned, and elven footprints led away into the forest. The group was set upon by a band of revengers—ugly jackal-like abominations with horrid claws—but dispatched them handily. The revenger corpses transformed into dead Dalish elves.

The next morning the party entered the ruined keep, after slight difficulties with a canyon, a bridge, and some bloodcrows. They fought their way past skeletal guards and a dangerous deadfall trap, looted the mysterious altar for its valuable silver chain links, and found the missing elves locked away in the dungeon.

From the lorekeeper, Orellis, the party learned what had really occurred: the revengers were lead by an abomination called Mythallen, who was once an angry young Dalish hunter named Harrelan until he encountered and freed a demon trapped in this very keep. Mythallen and its pack of revengers had left to march on the town of Vintiver, likely to avenge a slight Harrelan had suffered at the hands of the human blacksmith, Coalan.

For yet another astoundingly selfless reason, Cherel and Hissra decided to go to the village’s defense. Along with Eshara, they were led on a shortcut through the woods by a Dalish Hunter, Lirresh—a shortcut that unfortunately led right through the nest of a corrupted spider.

Once the group finally arrived back in town, they discovered it overrun with revengers, while bloodcrows swooped overhead. Coalan was engaged in an epic battle with Mythallen, but fell just as Hissra, Cherel, and Eshara approached. The chain link Eshara had taken from the keep began to glow, and seemed to weaken the creature. After a long and grueling battle, the abomination fell. The remaining revengers transformed into dazed, but unharmed, Dalish elves.

The entire town celebrated its unlikely heroes, offering them the richest award they could — fifty silvers apiece. Even Coalan, who had survived the onslaught thanks to Eshara and the chantry healer, was properly chagrined.

The Dalish, meanwhile, expressed their gratitude by making Cherel and Hissra honorary members of the clan. The pair agreed to travel with the Dalish for a time, and, after a brief time recuperating and restocking, the caravan set off once again into the woods.



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