Dalish Rogue


Eshara is an Elven woman who assisted Hissra and Cherel during their quest to the ruined keep and their subsequent battle for the town of Vintiver.

She is quick, quiet, and clever, and a capable rogue. In the wake of the destruction dealt to the clan by the abomination Mythallen, Eshara has become the new First to the lorekeeper, Orellis. The de facto “second in command” of the entire clan, Eshara is under a significant amount of pressure, not the least of which is her lack of the magical ability customary to the role.

Though all the elves in the clan have warmed to Hissra and Cherel since their rescue from the ruined keep, Eshara is perhaps the most overtly friendly. She credits the strange pair with saving her life many times over and is proud to call them lethallin.


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