Dalish Lorekeeper


The eldest member of the clan, Orellis is by necessity the lorekeeper and leader of the group. Unlike most other keepers, Orellis has very little magical ability, and the small amount of talent he did have has waned with age. His paltry parlor tricks are still far more magic than is possessed by any other member of the clan, however, and lend him a wizardly reputation.

In truth, though wise in the way of the woods, Orellis has always sought more knowledge than he has on nearly every subject conceivable— Thedas history, human and qunari technology, and yes, of course, magic. Though at first reserved toward the newly vowed clan-members, Cherel and Hissra, he finds them fascinating, and for Hissra in particular he holds a kind of awe: even the smallest flames she can summon without a second’s thought are leagues beyond his own capabilities.


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