Clan Suledin Caravan

Clan Suledin was always small, even before Mythallen twisted so many into abominations. At about twenty members, the group is large enough to warrant the name “clan” but small enough that a working trade relationship with other, larger clans is not very feasible.

The clan lost the last of their Halla a generation ago and now rely on draft horses bartered from human villages. Perhaps because they are so few, Clan Suledin lacks members with the magical ability typical of the Dalish. Some might say that, having lost many of the old customs, they’re not a very good Dalish clan at all. Of course, whoever says it in hearing range will swiftly sprout arrows from every inch of their body—almost like magic.

As thanks for their help in freeing the clan from Mythallen’s influence, Hissra and Cherel were made honorary members. The caravan will serve as a home and mobile base of operations for as long as the two desire.

Though the clan is small, the caravan does offer some useful services:

  • Lorekeeper Orellis may not have much practical magical ability, but true to his title he does remember much of the old tales. You may ask him for advice on any matter, but he may request something—information, a specific task—in return.
  • Craftsman Adahla is skilled at creating weapons, armor, and tools from almost anything—it’s a talent that has seen the clan through many hard times. She’ll be pleased to repair and maintain your equipment and to craft new equipment for you, should you bring her relevant materials. Sometimes she may also acquire non-Dalish sundries from trade with human villages.
  • Hunters like Lirresh are the Dalish eyes and ears in the forest. Besides providing the clan with food, the Hunters will often be the first to find new locations, resources, and enemies. With a little motivation, some may be convinced to aid you in battles or other objectives. Otherwise, they’ll let you and the rest of the clan know what they find.
  • Healer Virtu would make a good absent-minded professor at an Orlesian university—were he not an Elf, and Dalish especially. He can heal what ails you as well as assist in the creation of some less wholesome concoctions. Rely on him too much, however, and you might find yourself pressed into service as an ingredients procurement specialist.

Clan Suledin Caravan

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