the best rogue in the world

Communication 0 Constitution 2 Cunning 2
Willpower 0 Dexterity 2 Magic -2
Perception 1 Strength 0

Cunning: Evaluations
Dexterity: Stealth, Bows

Speed 14 Defense 12
Armor 4 Health 29

Heavy armor
Short sword, 1D6+2
Short bow, 1D6+1

Scouting – reroll any failed stealth roll
Archery – +2 attack
Music – can play instrument (what the fuck are instruments in dragon age, is it skyrim style? lute flute drum?), sing, and read music


Hannah is angry about the mage-templar conflict and everything that the elves have to go through so she made a character to justify her anger, whoops.

If this is the Lion King 1 1/2 I also call Timon no take backs.

Cherel has lived in the alienage since he was a baby, and for a long time, didn’t even understand that there were other ways to live. He heard stories about the Dalish, but he thought they were completely fictional, not real. He didn’t even see a human until he was six years old. By the time he was ten, however, he’d started working outside of the alienage, and he started to realize just how much power the humans had . Disheartened, Cherel just struggled to exist until he was twenty eight, and disease swept through the alienage. It took most of Cherel’s family, and his next door neighbors. The only one left was their two month old son – he should have died, but when Cherel went in to get rid of the bodies, their child was in his tiny crib, gurgling happily to himself. Cherel and Maesy, his sister and last living blood relative, took it as a sign, and took him in. They named the boy Lian, and tried to do their best for him. When Lian was four, he started to show signs of magic. When he was seven, he had enough of a loose grasp that he started trying to use magic around the alienage. When he was eight, the templars came. Maesy tried to run away with Lian, but she was killed on the spot. The only reason Cherel didn’t die with her was that he was at work. He came home to find an empty house, and some of the other elves told him that Lian had been taken away. He’s been trying to get Lian back, and now that the Ferelden circle is weakened (since it’s after the first game I’m assuming the fictional warden of this world didn’t annul the circle) he thinks this would be a good time to try and get Lian back. He only knows that something happened at the Circle – he has no idea what.

tl;dr he’s batman in training to get his adopted probably dead son back from the circle.

Hannah’s goals for this character

  • I have no idea if this game has specializations or when the fuck we would learn one, but Cherel would make a great bard.
  • Find out what happened to Lian.
  • Steal something from a fancy Orlesean mansion.
  • Have an epic duel with someone that involves swinging on a chandelier.


Dragon Age 1 1/2 rubyotter